This weekend sees the Trane sponsored Basingstoke Bison play our second home game of the season against the Milton Keynes Thunder followed by an away fixture in Bracknell.

Thunder arrive in Basingstoke having had a mixed season and currently lie in 7th place with 9 points from 25 games. So far this season the Bison have played the Thunder 3 times and have won two...
Basingstoke Bison - EPL Champions
30th of October 2017

Weekend review - Fire extinguished

The Sherfield School Basingstoke Bison played a home and away weekend against Cardiff Fire, who gained promotion to NIHL1 last season. On Sunday the Herd made the journey to Ice Arena Wales.

Cardiff Fire 2 Basingstoke Bison 12

A brace of early Sunday goals saw Saturday night’s Cardiff man of the match replaced within the first period between the pipes. Josh Smith, Hallam Wilson, Dan Davies, Tomas Karpov and Kurt Reynolds all scored within the opening 13.21 and at 17.46, having conceded 5 goals from 15 shots Jordan Lawday left the net to be replaced by Lewis Davies.

Things weren’t much better for Lewis at the start of the second as two shorthanded goals went in from Wilson and Karpov before Dan Scott scored even handed. Ryan Sutton added a powerplay marker before Cardiff scored a couple of their own from Stratford and Powell.

15 seconds into the final period Tomas Karpov completed his second hat trick of the weekend before two from Aaron Connolly added the Bison 11th and 12th. Dan Weller-Evans saw out the rest of the game to record his second win of the weekend.

Cardiff: Stratford, Powell 1+0; Smith, Manning, Manny 0+1. Net: Lawday (17.46) 15/5 & Davies (42.14) 46/7
Basingstoke: Karpov 3+3; Connolly 2+2; Malinik 0+3; Wilson 2+0; Reynolds, Davies 1+1; Dewey 0+2; Smith, Scott 1+0, Sutton 1+0. Net: Wellar-Evans (60.00) 11/2

Period Scores: 0-5/2-4/0-3
Shots On Goal: 11-61
Penalty Minutes: 44-14
Referee: Belfitt. Linesmen: Edwards & Jarvie

Bison Head Coach Doug Sheppard commented on the four point weekend; “We enjoyed two, good, convincing wins and it was a great chance for us to give the younger members of the squad the ice time they’ve been pushing for. Sunday we were even shorter than Saturday, every guy had to dig deep to get us the win. We worked hard this weekend to ensure we didn’t have a repeat of the previous weekend and we know we have to keep working hard to keep this momentum going.

Sheppard added; “I’d like to thank our fans who were brilliant all weekend. We had a brilliant turn out on Saturday at home and a bus load travelled to Cardiff on Sunday and it meant a lot to the guys to have that kind of support twice in a weekend. I hope we helped you enjoy your weekend.

Read the review of Saturday's home game below.

Saturday night saw the Sherfield School Basingstoke Bison return to home ice when the Cardiff Fire visited the rink for the first time in the season. The Fire’s visit saw former Bison Captain Nicky Chinn return to Hampshire.

Matt Thompson took charge of the game and at 6.41pm the puck dropped.

Basingstoke Bison 5 Cardiff Fire 1

Dan Davies made his much awaited return for the Bison and it wasn’t long into the game before the first goal as Tomas Karpov lit the goal light at 2.33. Bison had advanced early on and hadn’t looked back. Kurt Reynolds shot in and the rebound fell for Tomas Karpov who did the business for the game’s opening goal.

Dan Weller-Evans was called on to make a save from Michael Samford which turned out to be the Fire’s only shot on goal through the period. At the other end Jordan Lawday was being kept much busier. Tomas Karpov fired just wide as he advanced with speed, Aaron Connolly’s shot was saved and a rebound sat tantalisingly just out the reach of Hallam Wilson. Paul Petts fed from behind the net to Tomas Karpov but he couldn’t double the Bison advantage at that opportunity.

As David Christian wound up to shoot on a rare break Dan Scott swooped in took the puck and soon after it was the Cardiff net end again seeing all the action. Tomas Karpov beat Jordan Lawday but the Cardiff netminder was saved by the iron work. Dan Davies sent the puck to Roman Malinik but an extended pad saved the Fire on that occasion.

Callum Buglass got into the attacking zone for Cardiff but his shot was no trouble as it went wide.

Earlier in the game Ryan Sutton had left the ice moving gingerly in pain but his return shift saw him double the Bison advantage. Paul Petts did the providing and Sutton scored through the 5 hole for 2-0 at 13.01

At 15.58 it was 3-0 when Tomas Karpov and Josh Smith combined to set Dan Davies in on goal and he closed in before at the last minute lifting the puck over the netminder’s shoulder to score on his return to the team.

Bison ended the first period three goals to the good in a period that they dominated and outshot their opponents 15-1.

Cardiff tried an early break in the second period but got caught off side. The game’s first penalty was called at 23.34 when Ellis Sheppard took a tripping penalty, hauling down Oscar Evans and giving the Bison a powerplay. The powerplay didn’t click and as Fire returned to full strength a shot from Roman Malinik was stopped by Cardiff’s netminder. Kurt Reynolds fired to the net and Josh Smith tipped but to no avail. Aaron Connolly hit the post and as the rebound returned to him the shot was blocked by a Fire defenceman.

Jackson Price brought about a need for a save from Dan Weller-Evans but they couldn’t maintain offence as a Joe Baird shot was deflected wide. Lawday made a good stop from Paul Petts. As minutes passed in a so far scoreless second period Cardiff continued to try and generate chances while the Bison rolled their lines giving everyone fair share of ice. Aaron Connolly and Dan Davies were both stopped by good saves before, with 1.37 to play in the middle period, Cardiff broke the shut out. A cleverly worked play saw the players behind the net drawing Dan Weller-Evans to one side before quickly getting the puck out in front on the other side of the net and allowing a tap in before he could gain position.

Bison started the final period rapidly. Early chances came and were converted at 42.49 as Tomas Karpov doubled his tally. Good passing from Ryan Sutton to Dan Davies to Tomas Karpov saw him fire in. He then scored his second of the period to bring up his hat-trick at 46.25. This one he closed in on the net and shot high all at good speed.

Cardiff got a chance on the powerplay as Paul Petts sat out for hooking at 46.59 and a big save was needed from Dan Weller-Evans to deny the looming Nicky Chinn. Petts returned and there was a near miss for Cardiff as Hallam Wilson had the goaltender beat but not the goaline and it was cleared.

Aaron Connolly fired at Lawday’s chest and he made the save, he went on to deny chances in quick succession from Dan Davies and Tomas Karpov and two successive chances from the Bison captain too.

There was a disturbing moment as Paul Petts took a big hit and stumbled from the ice visibly shaken. He was led away quickly by the medics to be looked over.

A couple of chances to Roman Malinik came just before the final two minutes which, like most of the other 58, saw more chances from the Bison.

Basingstoke: Karpov 3+1; Sutton, Davies Davies 1+1; Reynolds 0+2; Smith, Connolly, Petts 0+1. Net: Weller-Evans (60.00) 7/1
Cardiff: Christian 1+0; Manning, Ellias 0+1. Net: Jordan Lawday (60.00) 52/5

Period Scores: 3-0/0-1/2-0
Shots On Goal: 52-7
Penalty Minutes: 2-2.
Referee: M Thompson. Linesmen: Edwards & Strain