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Basingstoke Bison - EPL Champions
4th of December 2017

Weekend Review - First league game dropped but an immediate bounceback on the road

On Sunday the Sherfield School Basingstoke Bison faced their second league fixture of the weekend after a journey to Planet Ice Milton Keynes to take on the Thunder.

Milton Keynes Thuunder 2 Basingstoke Bison 3

Bison were off to a great start when Aaron Connolly converted a powerplay. Tom Carlon was called for hooking at 5.10 and joined in the box at 6.30 by Jamie Line with a tripping penalty offering the Herd a 5 on 3 advantage. It was 5 seconds after the first penalty expired and back at 5 on 4 that Aaron Connoly netted from Vanya Antonov for 0-1 at 7.15 Tomas Karpov doubled the score at 12.21 with an even strength goal assisted by the captain.

The second period saw Ryan Handisides score at 24.01 for the home team making it a 1-2 game but the score remained the same into the third period. Aaron Connolly believed his second goal, at 57.27 into the empty net, put the game safe for the visiting team but with 9 seconds to go Gareth O’Flaherty scored a second for Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes: O’Flaherty, Handisides 1+0; Green, Carlon, Quiney 0+1. Net: Annetts (59.28) 38/2 & Empty Net:
Basingstoke: Connolly 2+1; Karpov 1+0; Antonov 0+1. Net: Skinns (60.00) 23/2

After the weekend Head Coach Doug Sheppard said; “We were not great Saturday but it was good to bounce back last night and rescue something from the weekend in Milton Keynes.

He concluded; “Our home performance was unacceptable. We will re-group this week and we'll get back at it. We've been playing good hockey for over a month now which made Saturday even harder to take but we'll get right back at it this weekend and look to continue what we were doing.

Read the review below of the home game.

The Sherfield School Basingstoke Bison kicked off a double league weekend by welcoming the Streatham Redhawks to Hampshire.

Basingstoke Bison 0 Streatham IHC 2

The Bison iced a near full roster with just Sam Brooks missing. Starting netminders were Dean Skinns and Matt Colclough while the game officials were Stephen Matthews with Justin Lalonde and Jason Lambly.

A fast paced start saw both teams test their opponents goalie but the first real chance fell to Vanya Antonov who got the puck in the slot but his shot was denied by Matthew Colclough. A second chance to Antonov also ended with a save by Colclough. Roman Malink headed in to the net but his shot trickled by agonisingly wide.

At 6.26 Alex Sampford found himself alone behind the defence and in on Dean Skinns with the Bison goaltender making the first save but luckily for the Streatham player the rebound fell straight back to his wheel house and he tapped the rebound in past the goaltender.

Roman Malinik advanced at speed with Paul Petts and centred but Petts failed to make contact with the pass. It would be the Bison import who drew the first powerplay of the game as he rounded 4 Streatham players and shot but the save allowed the referee to blow down for the delayed penalty as Bison got the games first powerplay thanks to a slashing penalty on Jamie Hayes.

Bison spent most of the two minutes in the attacking zone with chances coming in. Dan Scott rung the iron work early on with Colclough holding on the puck. A later shot from the same Bison defenceman was saved with the rebound sitting for Aaron Connolly at the net but he couldn’t beat Colclough either. A combination of Elliot Dewey and Josh Smith headed wide as Smith’s deflection on Dewey’s shot proved no threat to the Streatham goal.

A bit of fortune fell for the visitors soon after the return to full strength as Bison drew Colclough out of position only for play to be whistled down when a Streatham defenceman took the net off.

Streatham sprung a 3 on 2 with Jacob Ranson getting the final touch but not a big enough touch to trouble Skinns. Back the other way Dan Davies and Vanya Antonov passed back and forth but the shot came to nothing.

Chris Cooke dived across to deny the Bison a last minute chance to equalise and the first period ended with the Bison down a goal.

As the second period got underway Bison set about pressuring the net but a good job by the Redhawks defence continued to frustrate the Herd. A Ryan Sutton face off win drew the puck back to Dan Scott who stepped in and shot but Colclough made another save. An off the play “discussion” between Ryan Watt and Kurt Reynolds was watched over by Stephen Matthews but drew no penalty either way.

Aaron Connolly and Hallam Wilson both had chances in quick succession before Aidan Doughty was all alone in front of Skinns but shovelled his attempt wide.

Just shy of the half way mark Streatham doubled their advantage as Adam Wood scored. Passing got the puck to Wood at the back of the zone and the shot took not only a directional deflection on it’s way in but a major momentum deflection. The two together allowed the puck through the 5 hole into the net as it trickled in in slow motion.

Grant Rounding got two quick chances in succession but failed with both before eventually Streatham came away with the puck but Michael Farn’s shot was clearly visible through the traffic and Skinns made the save.

It was a powerplay to the visitors at 35.31 when Elliot Dewey’s zone clearance left the ice over the glass and it was during this powerplay that Roman Malinik appeared on the bench no longer dressed for hockey indicating he’d take no further part in the clash. With Streatham still on the powerplay Aaron Connolly and Alex Sampford came together when the latter shoved the Bison goaltender after he’d made a save. Both players earned themselves matching coincidental roughing penalties.

Elliot Dewey returned as his two minutes expired off the clock but it was the 40 minute buzzer that signalled the end of the Connolly and Sampford penalties.

The start to the final period almost summed up the frustration that the Bison would have been feeling. Shots came in for the Herd, saves were made, the net came off and the post again proved good at making saves.

Bison were gifted a powerplay when Brendain Baird offered up an easy slashing call at 44.47 but despite chances generated the two minutes elapsed with no inroads in to the deficit reduction.

Danny Rose was set free by a quality pass from Andreas Siagris but Dean Skinns came up big on this one for a save that kept his team in the game. Brendon Baird coughed a second penalty at 51.18 with a roughing call but Streatham disrupted the Bison’s flowing game plan to nullify the advantage.

With Baird back Bison were again on the powerplay at 55.27 thanks to a hooking call against Adam Carr. Powerplay chances came for Vanya Antonov and Elliot Dewey but again Streatham killed off the penalty.

With 1.14 to play Bison called their time-out and Dean Skinns remained on the bench for the re-start. The Herd failed to really take advantage of the extra attacker and the closest chance came when Ryan Webb hit the post of the empty Bison net.

Basingstoke: Net: Skinns (58.46) 22/2 & Empty Net (1.14) 0/0
Streatham: Rose 0+2; Sampford & Wood 1+0; Gregory & Miles 0+1. Net: Colclough (60.00) 49/0

Period Scores: 0-1/0-1/0-0
Shots On Goal: 49-22
Penalty Minutes: 4-10
Referee: S Matthews. Linesmen: J Lalonde & J Lambly