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Basingstoke Bison - EPL Champions
11th of February 2019

GAME REPORT: Milton Keynes Thunder V's Bison Sunday 10th February 2019

Final Score: MK Thunder 1 Trane Basingstoke Bison 5

By: Nigel Simmonds

Ref: Stephenson
Lino’s: Nyrsikov & Sitch-Cunningham

MoM Bison: Cowley
MoM Thunder: Stone

Thunder Stats: Bowers 1+0, Mboya 0+1, O'Flaherty 0+1.

Nets: Lawday 53/5 (90.57%)

Bison Stats: Klejna 2+1, Cowley 1+0, Sampford 1+0, Wilson 1+0, Jones 0+2, Cooke 0+1, Harding 0+1, King 0+1, Morris 0+1, Ralph 0+1, Tait 0+1.

Nets: Mettam 15/1 (93.33%)

PiMs: Thunder 6 Bison 14

The Trane Basingstoke Bison travelled to Buckinghamshire to face the MK Thunder still minus influential import Richard Bordowski through injury.

Ref Stephenson dropped the puck for this game.

After Jamie Line's shot had been blocked, Bison started creating chance after chance on Lawday in the MK net. Alex Sampford had a couple of chances. The first was a routine save by Lawday and the second was a wraparound attempt, but Jordan managed to get his pads in the way.

Adam Harding was next to test Lawday. He picked up the puck behind the net and skated around, circling into front of the net and released his shot, Lawday saved it but had to quickly look behind to make sure it hadn't sneaked through. Then Tait and Cowley combined for a good chance. Russ fed Ash, but his backhand attempt went just wide. Paul Petts then set up Hallam Wilson at the back post, but Hallam couldn't get enough on the shot and it was easily saved by Lawday.

Then against the run of play, Rio Grinell-Parke escaped away up ice all alone, but Mettsy stood tall and denied his attempt. Soon after, MK had another quality opportunity. Greg Randall was given far too much time alone. He picked his spot, wound up the slapper and let rip......... In the blink of an eye, Mettsy had edged out of his crease and effortlessly gloved it out of the air. Top save from a Top goalie!

At 12.40, Thunders Tom Norris, got called for Tripping. But MK would kill the penalty. A few seconds after MK had returned to full strength, Bison took the lead with a little help from lino Mr Nyrsikov, as he slightly impeded a Thunder d-man, and it allowed Alex Sampford enough time to collect the puck behind the goal and work his way out in front where he turned and fired the puck past Lawday for the lead. Adam's Harding and Jones, both assisting on the goal.

Just under a couple of minutes later, Bison struck again, when Chris Cooke fired the puck in around the boards, Ash Tait collected it and instantly picked out Michal Klejna, who kicked the puck with his right foot, onto his left-hand side, where he roofed the puck past Lawday, for a nicely taken goal, timed at 17.47.

Entering the final minute of the period and Thunder had a golden opportunity to score. Mettam made a save, but the puck came free and with Alex out of position, it left the goal pretty much empty. However, the Thunder player fired the puck and it clanged off the post, when he should've buried it.

At the first break, the scoreline read... Thunder 0 Bison 2.

The 2nd period started pretty much like the first, with Bison peppering the MK net. Lawday again coming up big with a couple of good saves.

Then MK, got another penalty, when Chris Cooke and Rio Grinell-Parke came together and exchanged a few pushes. Obviously not enjoying the attention Cooke was giving him, Grinell-Parke slashed Cooke’s stick out of his hand and the pair exchanged words. As Grinell-Parke skated to the box, the pair exchanged more words. Cookie should've left it, but he just kept motioning towards to Grinell-Parke with his glove, that he was all talk. Then he blew him a kiss, which unfortunately the ref saw and handed Chris a 10 min Misconduct. Both pens timed at 29.50. Thunder managed to return to full strength.

Then Mettsy pulled off another stunning save. Just like earlier, a Thunder player (it was Norris this time) was able to have enough time to skate in, pick his spot and unleash an Exocet missile towards the Bison net ........ but Alex incredibly gloved it, to deny Norris.

Soon after, there was another incredible save, but this time it was Elliott Dewey who was the saviour. MK created a chance, which saw Mettam find himself all at sea. He tried to get back, but the Thunder player got his shot off, it hit a couple of Bison players en-route, but Dewey standing on the line, managed to kick the puck away from danger and followed it up, by flicking the puck away to safety with his stick.

Hallden Barnes-Garner was next to take a trip to the sinbin, when he collided with Klejna on the boards. It looked pretty intentional, but Stephenson just chose to punish him with a minor Interference call, timed at 37.49.

Bison moved the puck around well but could not find the net. But then, just as Thunder returned to full strength, Bison scored. Adam Jones with a pass from the point, found Klejna, who quickly passed the puck to Cowley, who was stood at the side of the net and he scored in off Lawday. Goal timed at 39.52.

At the 2nd interval, the scoreline now read....Thunder 0 Bison 3.

The 3rd period started and it would be Bison that almost scored early doors. Hallam Wilson carving his way, pretty much through most of the Thunder defence, before getting off a wrist shot, which just went wide. Michal Klejna was awarded an Interference call at 42.31. It was a pretty tame call. But Bison killed it anyway. Tait was set up by Cowley again and his hard shot was saved, by the blocker of Lawday.

Chris Cooke returned to the game, after his Misconduct had elapsed.

Tommy Ralph then picked up a Tripping call at 48.39, but Bison would kill off the penalty.

Soon after Bison returned to full strength, Hallam Wilson got another chance to beat Lawday and this time, he took it, finishing top shelf over Lawday’s left shoulder. Goal timed at 51.51, with Ralph assisting.

Bison were running riot by now and another sweet move produced a well taken goal. Liam Morris doing the donkey work, to find Klejna skating in all alone on the right wing and he clinically finished past Lawday. Goal timed at 53.54.

As we entered the final 2 minutes of the game, it looked like Alex Mettam might add another shut-out. But unfortunately, Thunder spoiled his clean sheet, when they scored a Delayed Penalty Goal. Ash Tait was facing a Tripping call, but Gareth O'Flaherty and Tom Mboya set up ex-Bison Ross Bowers, to bury the puck past Mettam, timed at 58.11.

The final seconds ran down and as the final hooter sounded, the Bison had secured another great road win.

A pretty good 3pt haul over the 2 games for the Bison, but the big games just keep coming, as we face Swindon, Away and Home next weekend. Going to be a tough challenge. Let's hope we're back to Full Strength too!